Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?


Christianity is Christ

On the human level it is the leader and founder's religion to lay down the objective standard of what the religion believes and entails even if he delegates that authority.


On the spiritual level the same thing is true but for a different reason.  If he is divine and able to heal the mind and soul from evil inclinations and sins it is another reason for taking what he has authorised as standard.


Christianity says religion is a person not an organisation or community.  Christianity is Jesus so if he is divine and able to help then it is about a personal relationship with him and the organisation and community are consequences.  The idea is that you don't make up the Church the Church just happens.


Clearly we should call those who want the Catholic or Christian label while thinking what they like and ignoring the teaching of Jesus what they really are - liars and hypocrites.  It is about more than just them - we are asked to put away logic and good sense in order to call them Christian or whatever!  If the Church tolerates them they misrepresent and abuse that tolerance.  In fact it is not tolerance at all for Jesus said he would deal decisively with the fakes and heretics.



A religion in most people's mind is an organisation perhaps even a loose one. Christianity says in a sense no person or Church is Christianity.  That is why nobody should be unsettled by those who describe themselves as Christians who contradict the teaching and principles.  They are speaking for themselves no matter how much they deny it.   Christianity is Jesus.  This implies one Christian cannot be as Christian or have the right to present as Christian as much as another - it depends on how close they are to Jesus and his thinking.  This assumes Jesus is still alive and a personal spiritual relationship with him is possible.  If Jesus is dead then Christianity is just another religion.  Its a mere organisation. It is also a lie.  The teaching that the Church is one means the union with Jesus is so close that unlike every group which is really divisible into loads of other groups and it never ends there is harmony.  In this light, disobedient Christians are really just sectarians.


If Christianity is Jesus that can be interpreted on the human level - if Jesus was just a man then it is true that anything that contradicts him or does not care what he thinks is not Christian.


If religion is human it will be bad and if Jesus is not this great power that is raising human nature to compassion and love then if Christianity is Jesus that is a criticism. Christians share in the responsibility for doing the harm.  Normally everybody in a group is different but if you are claiming your religion and source of holiness is another person you cannot use that reasoning.  It is your responsibility even if not your fault that you are latching on to a spiritual fake.


How does the Church is not about men or leaders but Jesus affect things? When you point to how evil Christianity has been they say their answer is that Jesus is perfect. What do they mean? They mean that Christianity is really Christ. This implies you may not be fully Christian or perhaps not Christian at all. Rejecting one core doctrine makes you a non-Christian. Why? A Nazi who saves Jews is not a Nazi even if he is in every other way. If Christianity is Christ then maybe you are not Christian for you are not stoning homosexuals to death or you are not Christian because you are. So to say the religion is about Jesus is hardly anything great. It has nothing to do with showing the religion is in principle about peace and love. And to say, “Christianity is Christ” is saying it is and that is warning sign.

Any religion however bad can try to excuse its evil doctrines and evil deeds by saying, “We are about Jesus, Krishna or whoever.”  Its a distraction and tries to make you feel bad or a backslider should you leave the religion.  No matter how much evil it does it can use the excuse which shows that it is just an excuse.

The excuse shows the manipulative side of Jesus and the other religion-makers - assuming what their religions claim about how they were founded is true.