Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?


The Roman Catholic Church boasts about certain holy people and apparitions predicting the future. The Bible, which the Church says is Godís word, in Deuteronomy 18 has God saying that a prophet who predicts and is always right but who makes one error is a fake for he is not from God or speaking under divine inspiration. He has to be destroyed by the people. Yet the Catholic Church has canonised false prophets! Yet the Catholic Church doesnít struggle very hard or sometimes it does nothing at all to silence false prophecy.

The Catholic publishing company TAN, published an extraordinary book on Catholic forecasts of the future. Written by Yves Dupont, the book is called Catholic Prophecy, the Coming Chastisement (Illinois, 1973).
Mother Shipton, astrology and Nostradamus are all in favour in this book which makes it so unusual. It is hard to imagine a true Catholic having this view.

The whole book can be refuted in one paragraph if Christís scriptural prophecy that he would come back when it was least expected is true. The prophecies describe the reign of fake popes, the counterfeit Catholic Church, persecution and the near decimation of the true Church and the murder of holy popes. This tells us we can be sure that Jesus will not come back yet when they have not come to pass yet.

Saints who made this blunder were St John of the Cleft Rock, Pope Pius IX, St Thomas Beckett, St Hildegard, St Vincent Ferrer (alleged worker of 40,000 miracles), Blessed Johannes Amadeus de Sylva, St Francis of Paola, St Anthony of the Desert, St Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort and St Margaret Mary. And the important mystic, Augustinian nun and stigmatist, Blessed Anna-Katharina Emmerick (1744-1824) cannot be omitted.

Page 29: St Vincent Ferrer said that Christians will eventually believe that the sacrament of confirmation is unnecessary and that these will all leave the faith to follow Antichristís false religion. The implication is that the sacrament is necessary for preserving you in the faith.

Such a doctrine is an insult to Protestant martyrs who were never confirmed validly in the eyes of Rome. The doctrine is false Ė even according to Rome - and so is the prediction.

Page 32: St Margaret Mary who had visions of the Sacred Heart said that the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was the final effort of Jesus to make people love him in the last days.

This at a stroke denies the authenticity of any subsequent apparition including Lourdes which is more likely to be real and genuine than hers. The Church says that the other apparitions were a help in the effort and so her visions do not exclude further ones. Wrong. This one promoted a devotion that was not furthered by our Lady of Lourdes for example. Many other devotions have been established since.

Page 52, Jeanne le Roye, a sister of the Nativity, had revelations which she burned during a fit of doubt. Her revelations were written down by her spiritual director thirty years later. This was in 1790 and she died eight years later. She did not have to burn the prophecies at all. It is a bizarre thing to do. This is a classic excuse for making a new book full of prophecies made after the event or prophecies that are good guesses that look better if they were allegedly made years before the indications of where things are going today came about.

None of the prophecies listed in the Dupont book have been inexplicably fulfilled.

Page 69, Emmerick says that one day the Church will all into total immorality and the true faith will exist only in a few places and be reduced to handful of families. Obedience is not due to heretical bishops or even heretical popes so schism would be the result.

Jesus would not tell her such a thing for it would lead only to schism and indeed has led to the formation of many dissident Catholic Churches today Ė eg the formation of the True Catholic Church and the Society of St Pius V. Dupont neglected to inform us that this Ladyís revelations have been altered by her secretary Clemens Brentano (Twenty Questions about Medjugorje, page 18). Obviously, if she really had received visions from God, God would have been able to preserve them.

Chapter 4 is on Nostradamus and it approves of the astrology he used to develop his prophetic quatrains. Dupont says that a verse saying that America will reign under the sign of Libra and shall have power in the sky and land and shall stand against Asian enemy nations until seven popes have died. He assumes that the Hesperides in the original means America but there is no basis for this but Greek mythology and America wasnít even discovered when the Greeks wrote. And the prophecy has failed for the seven pontificates have passed and America still reigns.

He says that the prophecies are extremely hard to make sense of until the events are past (page 99). So you could make them mean any number of things.

Nostradamus used symbolism a lot which confuses things further.

Nostradamus was alleged to have meant by, ďat forty-five and others from forty-one, forty-two and thirty-sevenĒ (page 99) the degrees of latitude where the Anglo-Americans went to when they landed at Salerno and Naples. But in Dupontís comment he changes the order. Forty-five is put last. Nostradamus, if he was a prophet, would have put them in chronological order. Why do well when it only takes a few seconds to do better? The ďand othersĒ proves he was intending to be chronological. If he had given the latitudes he would have given the longitudes too. Dupont says he named Sicily but under a symbol. If he did that what would he give the latitude for?

The 41 and 42 cannot stand for latitude when they landed at Naples and Salerno which are between the two lines and not on them. Nostradamus would have said he did not mean the lines but between them.

If there are strange coincidences it does not take a miracle to explain them.


The stigmatic nun, Elena Alello received a revelation in 1960 about a Third World War which would see Russia taking over Europe and the Virgin told her that all people on earth must be told about this for it is to happen soon (Please come Back to Me and My Son, page 20). This prophecy has failed and cannot be fulfilled now with the collapse of communism.

The manifestations to Sr Agnes Sasagawa in Akita, Japan indicated that communion in the hand was not approved by Heaven (ibid, 20). But the Church says its laws come first and it allows it. These apparitions and revelations stress that the Church will become an apostate ecumenical cult. Bishop Ita authenticated these revelations which does not stand for much for the Church nearest the time of the apostles was giving out communion in the hand.

The Irish visionary and stigmatist, Christina Gallagher of Mayo, has offered no proof or miracle that she really has had the experiences she said she had.

The absurd message of 1988 that has Mary telling Christina that when she cries with pain and because of Satan that Mary cries as well (page 34) is laughable for Mary would be having a nervous breakdown by now if that were true for she would be crying over everybody! Or does she single out Christina to cry about? What would that say about all the other apparitions in the world? Does Mary not care about these other visionaries or are they just fakes?

Contrary to what Jesus said about the need for us to judge fairly the Virgin says we must never judge for only God should (page 40).

On one occasion, Christina thought that Jesus had abandoned her and Jesus explained that he had to forsake her a bit because he had other little ones to help (page 47). This denies that God is all-powerful.

Gallagher believed that everything she foresaw about worldwide signs and warnings and punishments would happen before the twentieth century would end (page 53). The book was checked and approved by her and her heavenly visitors so this is a false prophecy. And it was simply untrue that 1992 was the year that suffering would peak for Ireland as she and her Jesus foretold (page 52).

Who knows Ė perhaps it is not Christina who makes the false prophecies but the historical Jesus? There is no way of proving that it isnít Jesus when most of his appearances have told lies we have to mistrust him. They refute his infallibility and reliability.

 I donít believe in apparitions that promise that God will prove his existence and the ugliness of sin to the whole world in a miracle (page 53). He should have done it long ago. Sin is his fault for he did not try hard enough to convert us.

On August 8th 1991, the Virgin told Christina about a sign she did at Medjugorje implying that she was appearing there.  We know for a fact that she is not. And on February 24, 1988, the Virgin recommends the messages of Medjugorje to Christina and admits that they are the same as the messages she gives to Christina (page 110). Mary told Christina she chose her for she knew little about religion (92, 93) and here we are told she had read the messages of Medjugorje. She could have used Medjugorje for ideas to make her own messages up. Mary told a nun through Christina that she could not appear to her for she knew too much unlike Christina for those who are bright are easily led astray by the Devil pretending to be the Virgin (92, 93). The Medjugorje visions are nowhere near as gruesome and spiritual as those of Christina. The Med Lady has a different outlook and personality because one or both of these Virgins is a hoax.

The healing miracles are interesting. One has a man cured of a possible tumour or abscess through an operation! (page 73). And why did none of the cured let their names be published?

Fr Rene Laurentin was impressed by her and even quoted her messages in his books with approval. He did not put her in the section for apparitions without credibility in his book (page 82). That says a lot about him. She was approved by the Ukrainian visionary, Josyp Terelya, who heard her name called in a heavenly locution. Little did he know that he refuted his own visions in doing so. Christina had visions of Padre Pio who she named as one of her special protectors. What business has a heavenly power sending Pio as a saint when he was not canonised by the Church? Visions are inferior to the Church and visions say that for they command obedience to the Vatican. The Church allows devotion to people to find out if they are saints but says it is up to her to decide if they are. And for the Church to authenticate them would be automatically to declare Pio to be a saint.

In 1990, Jesus told Christina that the three sins annoying him most at that time as abortion, sacrificing babies to the devil and sexual abuse of children. Jesus complained that the faith was dying and being corrupted in the Church so that the true Catholics were uncommon. Why did the corruption of the faith not bother him most? It is supposed to be a worse sin than abortion for it can lead to abortion and those other things.

It is unfair that the Catholic Church censures apparitions that are heretical and forbids them and allows belief in unauthenticated visions. If a vision is not authenticated and is believed then one may be saying God did something he never did and that is a heresy! One should not believe but still avail of and heed the messages and check everything and pray in relation to the vision until it is authenticated. Modern visions imply the Church is right to do these things which proves what they are.

There is a book of revelations called The Way of Divine Love. Sr Josefa Mendenez wrote them as they were dictated by Jesus to her. The German edition of her account of visions and messages dropped her revelation that Mary made Jesus a robe when he was a child and the robe fitted him even when he grew for it grew itself by the power of God. Jesus asked the visionary to hate her evil flesh and consider it cursed. That was struck out too. This palming off a fraud as somebody who made no doctrinal mistakes was noted by Catholicismís greatest modern theologian, Karl Rahner (page 40, Objections to Roman Catholicism). The visionary reported as well that the Devil appeared in the shape of Jesus and Mary and she could not tell the difference. So what she had to do was ask the apparition to praise God and if it was the Devil it could not do it. This is illogical for the Devil could insincerely praise. Does she think the Devil would not have led the Jews of the gospels to praise God for enabling them to get Jesus crucified? The Devil will give a bad criterion for seeing which apparition is from God or him so that he will be able to fool. Her apparitions were all of the Devil if they were not hallucinations or lies.

The important mystic and stigmatic, St Catherine of Siena, said that the Virgin told her that the Immaculate Conception was untrue (page 38, Objections to Roman Catholicism). Nowadays, her devotees say she misunderstood Mary. So Mary did not know that her visionary did not understand? Thatís too much. Worse, Catherine is supposed to have given physical evidence for her claims in the form of the stigmata.

It is known now that the vision of Mary to St Simon Stock to reveal the devotion of the scapular and the Sabbatine Privilege to him is a dubious legend (page 24).

The famous saint, Vincent Ferrer, who has the honour of being the most powerful miracle-worker in the Church having performed a staggering 40,000 miracles supported the Clementine Roman Catholic Church. This was a breakaway Church led by a line of antipopes and was headquartered in Avignon in France. He allegedly raised 28 persons to life. He beat Jesus Christ for miracles. It is madness to hold that Jesus on earth did so few miracles and this man then does more for it was more important to verify Jesus than Ferrer. Some would say it was Jesus working through Ferrer so it does not matter. But it is better for Jesus to do miracles personally instead of through an intermediary and especially when there is no evidence from apostolic revelation that Catholic doctrine is true and that for all we know it could be Buddha doing the miracles. Ferrer was once favoured by a vision of the evil and fanatical blood-letter, St Dominic (Raised from the Dead, page 165). Here we have a saint doing miracles that verify the teaching of the Church but a Church with a false head and so a counterfeit of the true Church! Ferrerís miracles cannot be evidence for the true faith. The Church says that a saint is not always right but is always holy and sincere. But what is the use of God doing miracles to verify sincerity and not the saintís opinions? You donít even need to know who is a saint to get help from the saints. Why has the Church not got Mormon and Protestant and Jehovahís Witness saints?

The two mystics, Ferrer and St Catherine of Siena did not agree on who the true pope was (The Emancipation of a Freethinker, page 228) which shows what a farce Catholic miracles sometimes are. The Church claims them as authenticating her brand of religion while they happen outside her and are interpreted as supporting the wrong Church.

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