God & morality - no real connection Religion is occult
Spiritual meaning of life hoax  Punishing is hate
History v. belief in miracles Mormonism - merely manmade
David Hume v. belief in miracles   Evil - is it a force?
Afterlife - false & harmful belief Baby baptism is wrong
Bible deserves no respect Free will is religiously irrelevant
Christianity causes evil by lying it can heal it Eucharist - bad superstition
Forgiveness - the dark side Religion plants seeds of war & violence
Science v religion Jesus story is riddled with lies/hoaxes
Resurrection  Turin Shroud - fake
Wise Questions  Burden of Proof
Marriage & sex - studies in the ethics Books reviewed
LGBT+ Jack the Ripper - motivated by religion
No one has shown they know the future Stigmata - magic or trick?
Always build on the best evidence If faith is good religious faith is not good
Paranormal - is unconvincing Prayer is not harmless
Shocking Truth about Mary, Jesus' mother Sin is a damaging concept
General criticism of Catholicism Roman Church has no real ethics
7 Sacraments of Catholicism  Against the Church
Protestantism refuted  Worship of God is inherently idolatry
The Roman Catholic God refuted  My online posts challenging religion
When faith placebos child sex abuse Ethics - justice
God's Evil Law, Jewish Torah Jesus - unworthy rolemodel 
Hell & Purgatory  Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties lies
Handbook of Christian Evidences refuted  An Atheist's Values
Richard Robinson 
Healing is a lie? Islam is man-made 
Demonic possession - a fanatical doctrine Priests can't forgive sins
Cults & Religions critiqued Jesus - real or assumption?
Christian gospel is a false gospel Miracles are guesses
Pope has stolen his rank & influence Roman Catholic faith has many gods
Visions & apparitions, the terrible truth! Dubious Lourdes apparitions - 1858
Fatima visions of 1917 - the lies exposed Knock 1879 - did Mary appear? 
Medjugorje visions - the lies exposed Secular - its a basic human right 
Am I always motivated by self-interest?  Leave the Church