Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things? 

Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?

If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them then is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?

Patrick H

Christianity: THE MARKS OF A CULT

The anti-cult movement that gains most of its impetus from Christians defines a cult as anything contrary to biblical Christianity. Cult just means religion so it would make sense to say since it is bad religion that gets the title that it denotes a religion that abuses its members.
The Christians say a cult claims to be the only way to God. Then they say they are not cultists for they do not make a religion the only way to God but a person, Jesus. In practice where it counts, no difference is made so that is hypocrisy. It is still a person who has them acting in a religious way. And why Jesus? They are the ones who say that claiming to be the true Church or the only way to God is paranoia. So they must be paranoid too.
Plus the Jesus the Christians follow is just the interpretation of their leaders. So it is really the leaders who are being followed.
Jesus said that all our feelings and thoughts should be offered to him and to doing his will. Christianity might often not look like it tears families apart but it does. It is crafty enough to keep the evil it foments internalised long enough to delude the world.

A religion that contains prophecies of violence and destruction or an everlasting Hell is one to be shunned because it shows the religion wants to believe in these evil things. It is no excuse that they don’t want to for if they did they could choose a more decent system of belief.
The Amplified Bible


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 Archbishop Lefebvre and the Declaration on Religious Liberty. This page argues that Vatican II never changed the position of the Church on religious liberty though the Archbishop said it did and contradicted tradition and eventually made his Society of St Pius X break with Rome. The tradition of the Church which is infallible for it has always being taught says that the true Church should be professed by each country. Each country should have the Catholic Church as the state religion.

The Church says the state needs God and must worship God as a state. The Church still rejects the doctrine that every person has the right to believe in whatever religion his reason tells him is true for nobody has the right to be wrong. True nobody has the right to be wrong but nothing can be done about this for everybody has the right to follow reason as they see it as long as they are doing their best. The doctrine of the Church is that error should be suppressed for the common good of the people. For example, if censoring Protestantism would lead to civil war you have to tolerate their error. If Protestants are taking members from the state Church and can be peaceably stopped it is a different story. The Catholic doctrine of religious liberty is that nobody can be forced to believe – that is all.
Doctrinal Summary by Br Thomas Mary MICM. This page informs us that Catholic teaching is that if you hear of the Catholic Church and don’t join it or study it your damnation is guaranteed. It affirms that babies that die without baptism will be banned from Heaven forever.
Can Non-Catholics be Saved?